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To help, small to medium businesses identify the True Value in the health and safety of their staff and business.

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Introducing the ‘SSAMS method’

A Structured-Safety-Administrative-Management-System.

‘An Online Training Programme’ for your whole business, guaranteeing full compliance within 90 DAYS!!!

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Our Experience

With our team of partners, totalling over 60 years business acumen, experience and passion to do the right thing. A few others I respect decided to take a more moral, transparent direction. Now, sharing our passion by helping others. Our methodical, simplified, ‘step by step’ process is designed to empower your team and outfit them with the tools they need to cohesively protect and care. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, with existing staff using a tried and tested proactive and productive administration strategy, putting your business on solid foundations of facts and evidence, that solidifies success and profit.

Our Approach

Our programme identifies gaps in the existing procedures to educate, protect staff and visitors alike. Creating the opportunity to prevent, rather cure. Be proactive rather than reactive. be prepared and organised rather guessing, being penalised or worse. A comprehensive indicator that includes a project plan with timelines and milestones, a vision clarifying an obvious cost, scheduled within the fore-mentioned preventive cohesive business strategy for years to come. We also offer a suite of quality member services that allow future support, regular practical help and guidance, readily available, a simple, smoother, solution to many situations right when its needed.

Why Us?

Business strategy mentors are key—that’s why when it comes to client selection, we’re choosy. We want to give each of you the time and specific guidance you deserve. Whether you’re seeking a long term strategic and practical solution for the future, or you have a fundamental issue causing you significant mental concern or pain, we can help and support you. This is not about what has happened, you can not change the past, its about what you do today, and from this moment on. We are the protective mattress to catch you , should you fall! Call us today and lets see what is the best step forward from the place we are.

Case Studies


I worked with a building company in the leisure industry. They had a poor claims culture. We tackled it head-on! In just 8 months, we slashed their claims expenses from a huge £310,000 to a much more manageable £18,800.

A win for all concerned.Not only that, I also helped them come up with a solid plan to invest £65,000 in 6 months. And guess what? The plan was to save a massive £2.2 million! We laid out the objectives and made sure it all made sense within a realistic timeframe. The Operations Director, thrilled with the results realised. It was a job well done!


As an external recruitment supplier in a food production company, I found myself confronted with a challenging situation that demanded a careful and authoritative approach. Balancing my responsibilities to both my employer and my employee proved to be a difficult task. The situation arose when a member of my employer’s production team suffered a serious accident, and the question of pay arose. My employer’s initial stance was to avoid payment to the injured employee, as they feared it could lead to potential liability issues and incurred costs.

They believed that avoiding any assumption of liability would be a cost-saving measure in the long run. However, after careful consideration, I decided to take matters into my own hands and make the morally right decision. I chose to take the empathetic path and ensured that the injured employee had full pay, while off sick. Despite my employer’s concerns, I believed that prioritizing the well-being of the employee was essential, and it ultimately turned out to be the best course of action. By making this solid management decision, all parties involved benefitted. The injured employee was not burdened with worries of financial implications during their recovery period without pay, which would have been much more severe.

Additionally, my employer was spared from potential fines and legal actions that could have resulted from withholding payment. Furthermore, my supplier appreciated and acknowledged my responsible approach to the situation. Had I opted for the easier, reactive option, the consequences could have been severe.

The potential claims of liability and the ensuing costs could have amounted to more than 200 times the few weeks’ salary offered to the employee. Beyond financial implications, the company’s reputation would have suffered due to negative publicity, increased insurance costs, and the distress caused to multiple stakeholders. In summary, my decision to prioritize empathy and responsibility over a short-term cost-saving measure was crucial in ensuring a positive outcome for all parties involved. It highlighted the importance of sound judgment and compassionate leadership in managing delicate situations within the workplace.


During my tenure with a prominent construction company, I successfully implemented a transformative training strategy that resulted in substantial cost savings amounting to hundreds of thousands of pounds annually. My innovative idea centered around developing an in-house training concept that received official certification from their suppliers.

This strategic shift replaced the previous approach where each supplier independently identified their own standards. By adopting this approach, the construction company established a consistent and structured sector-leading safety process that not only gained recognition and was renowned among other suppliers but also secured full accreditation throughout comparable construction firms.

The benefits of this progressive training concept were far-reaching. Firstly, the significant cost savings directly impacted the company’s bottom line, freeing up valuable resources that could be reinvested into critical areas of the business. Additionally, the uniformity and standardization of safety processes and procedures resulted in enhanced operational efficiency and risk mitigation across all construction projects. Moreover, the company’s reputation soared as a result of the Renowned safety standards they have established.

This newfound reputation attracted favorable attention from clients, suppliers, and industry stakeholders, further solidifying their position as a sector leader and driving sustainable growth. Through this strategic shift in training methodology, their construction company not only experienced substantial cost savings but also strengthened its market position fostered safer working environments, and set industry benchmarks for excellence. This successful initiative stands as a testament to the power of innovation, foresight, and collaboration in driving positive change within the production and construction sectors.

We love a challenge, its our passion to help businesses find solutions to complex situations, When people’s health, safety, wellbeing and environments sustainability is at risk

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